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My interest in wildlife came from an early age with the influence of my father. During my university years, I fed my passion by participating in several bird migration campaigns throughout  Europe. In addition to my scientific interest, it was an excuse to intimately experience nature and travel.

Art was something very present in my childhood, and I was always drawing in my free time. At University I realized that being an engineer was no longer my goal, so after some months I applied to the prestigious art school, l’Escola Massana in Barcelona. I spent two years there, then I studied Botanical Illustration at the Edinburgh Royal Botanical Gardens. After my education, and having never traveled out of Europe before, I jumped on a unique opportunity to discover Kyrgyzstan. Finding myself riding a horse across a vast steppe in Central Asia afforded me new inspiration, and opened my mind to new forms of beauty, Back in Catalonia, feeling a bit nomadic it took not long before new adventures started beckoning: Costa Rica, Morocco, Italy, Scotland, Norway, Iceland... and all around Spain.

Finally establishing myself as a digital nomad, working as a freelance, allowed me to start a new life; based in Pyrneés, far enough from the big city. I am currently working for companies like Tragopan, Wildpix Travel and Lynx Nature Books - social media, ambassadors, and sponsoring as well as taking care of the graphic environment. Specialized in optical gear and wildlife publications after my experience in Oryx, I combine my career as a Natural History Illustrator with other projects related to wildlife observation and conservation.


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